Stef Crowl

Stef Crowl

National Cert. ECE & Care

Hi, my name is Stef and I have been working with children and helping them to become confident and happy learners for 14 years.  I love my role as a home-based educator.  I am very family orientated and focus on ensuring that parents and children feel welcome in my home.

I take a fun supportive approach to education.  A typical day in my home starts off with lots of different areas of play and learning set up so the children can choose what they would like to do when they arrive.

Most mornings the children and I would head out to activities like music, play group, museums, the Edgar Centre, gym or library.  Afternoons are based around learning and having fun with maths, games and puzzles, reading and for the older children writing.

There’s plenty of time for outdoor activities.  If it’s a wet day, indoors activities might include making obstacle courses, getting in to a craft project or having a go at baking.

With a good balance between learning and free play, my programme helps children to thrive and feel ready to take the next step onto school.