Nicole Barrett

Nicole Barrett

Full Cert. Early Childhood Practice Level 4

Hi, I am Nicole.  I have been a home-based educator for six years now and I hold the Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood practice.  

I have three children.  When my eldest turned two I joined Playcentre with him, helping him to learn and grow with me by his side.  This was really rewarding.  When I had my other two children I knew for sure home-based early childhood education was right for me.  I could be there for my children, to help them learn and grow, and open my home to others as well.

I like to be proactive in children’s learning, whether in my own home or out in the community.  Each child is unique, and I enjoy getting to know them and being a part of their learning journey in my resource-rich setting.  

I hope to hear from you if you feel I’m the right person to be a part of your children’s life in their important early years.