Maureen Mauger

Maureen Mauger

Port Chalmers

Hi, I am Maureen.  I am married with two boys, age 11 and 12 years old, who have been brought up in the West Harbour area.

We have a fully fenced section and child-friendly home.  All excursions are within walking distance which is the best time to learn about our environment and to find our treasures!

I have worked at the local school, kindergarten and Holiday Afterschool Programme in Port Chalmers.  I am also a fully qualified swimming instructor for our local swim school for ages 10 years down to babies.

I love teaching and learning from children.  I like them to feel relaxed, confident and happy in my care.  I enjoy teaching children of all different abilities.  Each child is unique and they learn at different levels.

We spend a lot of time outdoors, it gives children the experience to learn what’s outside their own door to play with.  I like the children to learn, play and be creative through art and building things.  Getting messy is all part of being a child.