Lisa Carnie

Lisa Carnie

Full Cert. Early Childhood Practice Level 4

Hi, my name is Lisa Carnie and I have been an Educator with Wild Things for several years.

I live in the suburb of Grasmere, Invercargill, with my husband Shane.

I provide a warm and safe environment within my home.  I have a good-sized fully-fenced section with plenty of grass to roll around in, loads of concrete to ride bikes on and a wooden deck off the lounge which provides a great area for other activities.

I really enjoy being outside, especially potting around in the tunnel house.  Different vegetables are planted in there throughout the year, so the children can enjoy the experience too.  Routine is very important and I feel I provide this in my home.  I also like to hear the children laughing and seeing them having fun is a top priority.

We have a very supportive group of Educators in Invercargill, and I attend as many outings as I can with them.  We have a fortnightly playgroup and monthly visits to each other’s homes.  This is a great way for us to share ideas and for the children to experience new environments.  Keri is fantastic at organising other outings which happen frequently – these include visits to the library, park, museum, gym, stadium, etc.

I look forward to welcoming you, your child and extended family into my home.