Jennah Bush

Jennah Bush

Wakari, Dunedin

Hi, my name is Jennah.

I live in Wakari with my fiancée Stevo who is a Head Chef, his beautiful teenage daughter Lily and our cat Voodoo Doll.

I have been working for Wild Things for several years, and had previously worked in a Childcare Centre here in Dunedin.  I have worked with children ranging from four months to five years.  I have two nieces and two nephews who are wonderful and whom I love spending time with, and also friends’ children with whom I am very close too.

I really enjoy working with children and can offer your child a wide variety of stimulating educational activities and learning experiences.  We have a lovely fully-fenced back yard to play and space to run around, equipped with a trampoline, play house, sand pit and hammock.  We are also within walking distance to some great parks and a nature reserve!  I will provide activities such as arts and crafts, baking, music, puzzles and a wide variety of other learning experiences, plus Wild Things’ excursions.  You will find my environment safe, fun and nurturing for your child.  I believe in the importance of fostering imagination and creativity in children.

What I love about home-based education, and in my role as an Educator, is the ability to really get to know both the children and also their families really well.  Communication is important when learning the children’s likes/dislikes and what their current interests may be (e.g. trains).  This knowledge I gathered I will then use to help guide and support my program of learning for your child.  Particular interests or areas of focus are a great tool to apply to broaden other learning.  I think hygiene and manners are important to teach and instill in our little ones.  I believe I can provide a fun, welcoming and enriching environment for your children, along with support, nurturing and caring attitude from me as your child’s educator and friend.

I look forward to meeting you! 


A Parent's Reference for Jennah Bush

I have known Jennah since 2014 when she began working as a Wild Things’ home-based educator.

We instantly knew she was a wonderful fit for our two young daughters, 2 years and 6 months old at the time.

For almost three years Jennah devoted her personality and expertise to making sure our children were cared for, inspired, nurtured and most of all that they felt safe and secure in their environment on a daily basis.

Jennah is bright and enthusiastic with the children, evoking fun and delight each day that is evident on dropping off and collecting both our children and others in her home.

Jennah has a gentle and engaging way with children, gaining their trust and respect easily.  She is able to calmly help children through challenging social periods like learning rules, playing fairly, cooperation, sharing, learning patience and being kind to others.

Jennah always had new and inspiring ideas for learning and obviously dedicated her own time to enhance our children’s experiences within her home.  She was clearly up to date with the early childhood curriculum and had fabulous resources, which she updated regularly.  She often took the children to parks and playgrounds, and on excursions to the library, art gallery and plays.

I found Jennah to be honest, professional and approachable, and an excellent communicator.

I highly recommend Jennah Bush to parents and employers alike, and wish her well in her career and endeavours.

Sincerely, Emily O’ Regan