Heidi Rae

Heidi Rae 

Full Cert. Early Childhood Practice Level 4
Kaikorai, Dunedin

Kia Ora.  My name is Heidi.  I live with my husband Scott and my 17-year old son Liam in the Kaikorai area.

I've been working as an educator for at least 13 years.  I have completed all my Level 4 courses in Early Childhood Practice and hold a current First Aid Certificate.  I have police clearance and a full driver’s licence.  I do respite care through Anglican Family Care on some weekends, so having children around is a normal part of our lives.

I have been privileged to have had experience working in a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds throughout my career, which has been such a fantastic learning journey, very exciting and enjoyable.  Learning about so many different cultures has been a true blessing!

Throughout the week we attend Active Movement on Tuesday, playgroup on Wednesday and music group on a Thursday.  We make regular outings to museums, harbour walk, bush walks in Woodhaugh Garden or Botanical Garden, parks, the beach and playdates with other educators.

We also regularly participate in the outings offered by Wild things such as gym, visits to fire station, police station, marae and the teddy bear hospital.

Most afternoons is free play, drawing, writing, puzzles, singing ABC's and number recognition.  This is also a good time for the children to learn social skills, imagination skills and build very close friendships that are so strong and bonded.

I believe children need a good structured environment to grow, solid boundaries and rules for safety, guidance and consistency.  We do share in a little spontaneity too!

I have a warm, loving, friendly and happy environment to offer, and an open door policy.  If you would like to know more, I would love to meet and chat......


A Parent's Reference for Heidi Rae

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Kawita Kalia, mother of Yannic Kalia and Aarush Kalia.  I want to write a reference for Heidi Rae, an excellent home-based educator.  We have been part of the Wild Things team since from 2011 to 2018.  Heidi have been working for us nearly 8 years.

She is a very reliable person.  Trustworthy and honest, always helpful, well organised.  Whenever she cannot work she informs us on time and arranges another educator.  Our children love to spend time with her.  Always they feel being in a family atmosphere.  She had well trained our children before they start school.  Because of her our children learnt to speak English as a first language because we speak at home our mother tongue, and our children are very friendly and active.  Heidi took them to playgroup and other activities that happen in the town.  We and our children enjoyed time with Heidi.

She is fabulous and awesome, a very good teacher.  She is not only a good teacher but she is a good person, that is why she become a very good and trustworthy friend for us.

I would like to recommend her name to others if anyone need care for a child.  I wish all the best for her future. And Big Thanks.

Kawita Kalia