Chrystal Gillespie

Chrystal Gillespie

Abbotsford, Dunedin

Hi, my name is Chrystal.  I am a home-based educator with Wild Things.  I have lived in Abbotsford for the last few years with my husband Colin and our children, Jade 8, Chase and Amelia 6, and our puppy Sass.

I am currently studying for my Certificate in Early Childhood Practice.  I enjoy working with children and watching them grow, learn and gain confidence in themselves.

I believe in learning through play.  I offer a range of indoor activities for those cold Dunedin days, and plenty of outdoor play also.  Our section is fully fenced where children can enjoy the general outdoor environment, playhouse, bikes, etc.  Along with outings to parks, we also take daily walks around Abbotsford with Sass, and attend several playgroups on a weekly basis.

My door is always open for enquiries.  Feel free to pop in.  I look forward to meeting you and your children!