Amy Herriot

Amy Herriot

Dip. Teaching ECE

Kia ora, my name is Amy, and I live with my husband Jimmy and our four children.  While we have been raising our family, I have studied Early Childhood Education.  I received my Diploma in Teaching in 2012. 

I believe that parents and whānau are the most significant people in a child’s life.  As a professional educator and as a parent, I believe that my home is a safe and stimulating environment for any child in my care. 

Working alongside you as parents, I believe in collectively promoting and enhancing your children’s sense of self, by building on their experiences, knowledge and interests.  Non-judgemental and open communication will also allow clear goals and expectations to be established and maintained between myself, caregivers and the children in my care.

To help children celebrate and value diversity, to be proud of themselves and their culture, their ethnic backgrounds and family traditions, I will at all times be modelling and facilitating non-discriminatory practices. 

I would love to invite you to visit our home.  I have a safe, warm and inviting space to share.  Our home provides exciting and challenging areas for play, many creative resources, and the space for children to express themselves and explore their own interests.

My children have taught me how much fun there is to be had outside, in all elements, with real and natural resources.  Someone once told me, "there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing".

Early childhood is a time of remarkable physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.  Helping a child develop is an exciting and challenging experience and one that I hope to share with you.

Aroha nui


A Parent's Reference for Amy Herriot

5 Barton Street, Brockville, Dunedin

5 March 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I was delighted to be asked to write a reference for Amy Napier (Herriot).

Amy is a qualified early childhood educator who has been caring and educating our son Noah for almost 3½ years and we feel privileged to have her in our lives.

Amy has some great values which make her so special.  Family being one of them.  Noah is extremely comfortable with Amy’s family and they are all patient and caring towards him.  Other values important to Amy are creativity, dedication, flexibility and patience to name a few.  Amy often speaks in Maori, key words, songs, etc. – this is great, especially as our Maori is minimal.  Noah is coming home each day with new vocab and experiences - and that is down to Amy and her time with Noah.

Amy takes the children on regular outings and finds new and stimulating tasks and experiences for them.  She always tells me where they are going that day or what they have planned and when I pick Noah up, she excitedly tells me how much he enjoyed it, what he learned and how he interacted.

Amy promotes manners and good behaviour and if Noah has an off day, this is always discussed with me.  Communication is so important to her.

Another key positive with Amy is that she treats each child as an individual, so often activities are planned around what each child is interested in.

Noah loves going to Amy’s and the days he doesn’t go, he still asks to go there.  Even weekends!  This is such a positive sign that he is happy and comfortable there.

I would highly recommend Amy to any prospective caregiver looking for an Educator and I am happy to be contacted if needed.

Many thanks

Christine Charlton, 021-1111-944