Amber Sutton

Amber Sutton

Calton Hill, Dunedin

Hi, I am Amber.  I live in Calton Hill with my partner Jordan and our 2½-year old son Hunter.

I enjoy working in home-based care and through my role as an educator I feel very fortunate to get to form close relationships with the children in my care and their families.  We currently use home-based care for my own son, Hunter, who we feel very lucky to have her as his educator as well as allowing him to develop a safe and secure relationship beyond our home.

I am passionate about home-based care as the smaller group ratios allow me to cater for each child’s individual needs.  I plan my programme and environment based on each child’s interests, supported through a range of toys and materials on offer.

I believe being outside and in nature is such an important part of our early childhood experience, which is why I plan activities for the outdoors from picnics with the children, playing with chalk, riding our bikes/trikes, playing with water to visits to the local parks and reserves.  We attend a local playgroup to mix and socialize with bigger groups of children as well as other community events happening in and around Dunedin.

I feel as an educator I am a calm, positive and patient person which is reflected in my approach and interactions with children.  I value the importance of building trusting relationships when caring for and educating children in my own home.  Children need to feel safe and secure, giving them a true sense of belonging.

I look forward to working in partnership with you and your family.