Wild Things in Nature Programme

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At Wild Things we are all about providing inspiring, fun, and creative learning environments for children. Our ‘Wild Things in Nature’ programme provides the perfect learning space for ALL children infants, toddlers, and young children.

The benefits of our nature programme:

1) Child- led exploration and challenges where they develop:

  • Confidence and resilience.
  • Problem solving and physical skills.

2) Children build strong relationships by:

  • Exploring and taking risks alongside their friends and the guidance of adults.

3) Children are able to make connections with papatuanuku/our earth by:

  • Developing a love of nature and respect for our natural world.

4) Children are able to explore and make connections to nature:

  • Through the sensory experiences of touch, smell, taste and sound.
  • That support their overall wellbeing.

Nature provides the perfect place to move the body, stimulate the senses , engage, and grow the imagination and best of all – share the experience with like minded learners.

Wild Things educators are supported to provide a nature programme either through their own programme or to join our Wild Things regular fortnightly group ‘Wild Things in Nature’ programme.