The transition to our educator’s home for both my children was extremely easy and it happened at a pace that worked for myself and the children - Parent

Our Story

Wild Things offer the highest quality home-based early childhood service - where children can be children, and nothing is more important than that. 

Our service caters to families with a diversity of needs,  acknowledging parent/whānau needs and aspirations for their children.  Parents and whānau are made to feel welcome, and we are available to discuss formally or informally their child’s progress.  Wild Things support partnerships with families/whānau and educators to create the best learning outcomes for your children.  With over 15 years’ experience in the early childhood education field, Wild Things are committed to offering professional, quality early childhood education. 

The Wild Things team supports an ever increasing number of families throughout the Lower South Island who wish to engage the services of a home-based educator.

Our educators are trained to provide the highest quality home-based early childhood care and education for your children.  So if your family is looking for  a dedicated educator for your children Wild Things are here to help. 

Research has proven that the first three years of a child’s life is when most brain development occurs - and that development is directly linked to the baby’s environment.  This is why we believe it is important that a child’s environment is safe and nurturing where the child forms secure attachments due to primary care and small group size. 

Wild Things is a professional service that provides families with the highest quality early childhood education and care.  We want you to feel confident knowing Wild Things only recruit the very best educators to nurture your children to reach their full potential. 

We will work with you to choose an educator who will most benefit your child’s needs, your circumstances, and your family values, and we are always available for you to call should you have any concerns - we believe open communication is essential.