Licensed Service

Who watches over Wild Things?

Wild Things is a licensed Early Childhood Education Service that undergoes the rigors of an Education Review Office audit on a regular basis. Wild Things welcomes the Ministry of Education’s ongoing support.  

As part of being a licensed service Wild Things incorporates the NZ national curriculum, Te Whāriki in to all aspects of the individual Child’s learning programme.

Wild Things ltd is a member of the NZ Home based Early Childhood Education Association

To read the latest Wild Things ERO report, go to

In the last audit ERO had this to say about Wild Things:

“Children’s wellbeing and belonging is effectively fostered by being in a home setting with an educator / Kaiako. This is especially beneficial for infants and toddlers. 

Children are provided with many opportunities for learning in the home and the wider community. Visiting teachers support educators / Kaiako to implement a curriculum that recognises the learning in everyday experiences in the home and local surroundings”.

ERO added these comments with regard to Wild Things:

“Educators / Kaiako have access to a range of resources, including knowledgeable visiting teachers to support children's learning. Many educators / Kaiako integrate opportunities for early literacy and mathematical learning into everyday experiences. These activities include measuring when baking, sorting objects, counting games, songs and rhymes”.