I know when I take my daughter to our educators home in the morning, she is going to have a fun filled day, with an educator who has planned learning experiences and she is with someone who loves and cares for her - Parent

Fees and Subsidies

Wild Things offers competitive costs. Families may be able to access WINZ childcare subsidies and 20 hours ECE.


Home Based Service - Educator's Home

Parent Fee: $5.90 per hour per child

Casual Fee: $6.90 per hour per child

Resource Fee: $6.00 per week per family

Holding Fee: $4.50 per hour per child

Travel: payment arranged with educator

20 hours ECE: available for 3- and 4-year olds, up to 6 hours a day and 20 hours per week.

For more information go to work and income or education.govt.nz