'The transition to our educator’s home for both my children was extremely easy and it happened at a pace that worked for myself and the children.' - Parent

'Our Educator provides a wonderful outdoor environment where our children always have something new to learn.' - Parent

'Our educator’s environment allows for child led play ,where our son can develop those gross motor skills, climbing, jumping, and running, skills that are so important for readiness for school.' - Parent

'It’s all about relationships and what parents wish for their children.' - Visiting Teacher

'It’s the learning through simple things, in the context of the home and community, that educators can take the child’s learning to the next level.' - Visiting Teacher 

'Our educator offers a warm loving environment. She encourages our daughter to try new activities, enriching her with quality education……. and has prepared her to be school ready, which is just so important.' - Parent

'When we ask our daughter what she loves about her educator she says, cuddles, the children, reading stories, drawing, jumping at the gym… the list goes on.' - Parent

'I know when I take my daughter to our educators home in the morning, she is going to have  a fun filled day, with an educator who has planned learning experiences and she is with someone who loves and cares for her.' - Parent