Our educators have a real passion for being with kids, and that comes through again and again... it’s all about relationships... - Susan Phua, Director

Welcome to Wild Things where we are all about inspiring today's learners within creative and fun learning environments to lay the foundations for tomorrow. 

We offer the families of Otago and Southland a comprehensive network of passionate home-based educators, to provide the highest quality home-based early childhood education and care for your children.  With over 15 years’ experience we are committed to offering professional, quality early childhood education.

Why Come To Wild Things?

  • We provide education and care for children from 0-5. This means your child can develop a secure attachment with one educator in a consistent learning environment
  • We offer flexibility in hours with negotiable drop off and pick up times so whatever your commitments we can work with you
  • Your child’s usual home routines can be carried out in the educators’ home including things like sleep and meal times
  • Our home-based care works for families with children of mixed ages, for example your baby and 3 year old can be looked after together
  • Your child will enjoy a range of natural family childhood experiences like baking, playing in the garden, going for walks and outings along with joining in with playgroups and in larger group settings 
  • With low child to adult ratios (1:4) your child gets personalised attention and learning is catered to their needs 
  • We foster a child led, play based learning programme and we follow the New Zealand national early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki
  • Through the Wild Things Readiness for School programme children become capable and competent learners